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Counselling and Psychotherapy

You may be in a crisis or suffering long term distress, wondering what’s happening to you and how to make changes in your life.  Therapy can help with emotional, physical and spiritual problems, with the things you don’t understand about yourself.  An exploratory meeting to discuss your needs may help you decide.

I provide a confidential therapeutic space  to support you to find your own way.  This emerges in the dialogue between us and working with dreams and the  grounded imagination.  The aim is to activate your own inner resources to find meaning and the capacity to live a fuller life.

My work is grounded in a Jungian approach, listening and responding to  body and soul. I consider the whole person and their life and background.   We  explore unconscious aspects through dreams, symptoms and the meaning of  life events.  Breakdowns, psychological problems and crises can be the way life organises profound change.   It is a broad perspective including  personal, social, cultural  and spiritual dimensions.   The path is rarely a direct track,  especially if you want to make lasting changes,  it’s a soul journey.   How far you want to travel on the journey,  your needs and aspirations can be explored at the outset of therapy.

I work with dreams, body awareness, and art to support the transformational process. I work with a respect for the uniqueness of each individual, so the pace and method of your counselling or psychotherapy will reflect that.

I work short, medium or long term,  sometimes twice weekly is appropriate. I have experience of working in these following areas,  please enquire if you want to discuss whether I can help in a specific area.

Areas I can help in:

  • Feelings of Depression,  Anxiety  or Panic
  • Addictions to various behaviors or substances
  • Relationship problems
  • Self Esteem and Shame
  • Sexuality
  • Mental Health issues
  • Physical symptoms and chronic illness
  • Difficult life transitions
  • Loss and bereavement
  • Intergenerational issues
  • Past traumatic experiences – including early childhood trauma and Post Traumatic Stress
  • Immigration, dislocation, political and social trauma
  • Spiritual problems and aspirations
  • Ecological concerns
  • Feelings of meaninglessness and loss of joy
  • Creative struggles -personal and professional

Services I offer:

  • Counselling or psychotherapy, short or long within a confidential space in which feelings, thoughts, dreams can be explored
  • One off consultations – to discuss and reflect on a particular concern, event or dream.
  • Brief therapy – as above, but giving the chance to put issues into context of your life. We can agree a framework of a limited number of sessions. Also a good way to get a taste of therapy.
  • Medium – long term therapy. Depending on your needs, coming for longer or open ended therapy can allow a deeper exploration of yourself and the unconscious influences that can help or hinder you in your life. Sometimes meeting twice weekly is appropriate.
  • Dream Consultation – a one-off or brief course of meetings is possible to explore old or current dreams .
  • Dream circles – a small closed group to explore dreams for personal development and creativity. A uniquely fascinating approach to personal transformation. Contact me if you are interested.
  • Social Dreaming Matrix – for groups, communities or organisations. A way to tap into the creative potential of dreams for the benefit of the community, to create new thinking out of the unthinkable. The process of dream sharing and dream dialogue is not focussed on the individual dreamer but on the dreams. A wider and deeper vision emerges.
  • Supervision – for individual counsellors or psychotherapists.  Also consultation or supervision to enhance working with dreams.

How long is therapy?

This is very individual. While specific issues may be helped with several sessions, to explore deeper issues, stuck patterns,  or to consider the purpose and meaning of your life, open ended therapy or twice weekly sessions may be appropriate. All of this can be considered when we meet. The first session will give you a chance to see if you feel you would like to work with me and if we agree to go ahead, we would spend several sessions assessing the length and frequency of the work. Length of therapy can vary from several weeks to several years.  If we agree to work together, then we’ll establish regular weekly sessions,  which is yours until we end.

Counselling is generally meant to cover the exploration of current or specific concerns or events, We would meet weekly for an agreed period, the process is still one of careful listening and dialogue

Psychotherapy is  longer term and sometimes more than once a week for periods.  It is exploring the story of your life and looking more within to uncover patterns and inner conflicts. To allow the unconscious to reveal some of this through dreams and dialogue, can be a rich and challenging journey.

Through a slow process of self discovery each can open their unique expression in life.

The distinction between the two is not always clear in practice, brief in depth work is possible.